Students Support

Rich support to help your dreams come true!

FSG College League aims at a campus with happy students.
FSG provides wide support for international students to have safe and rich environment, including the campus life, money, and living.

Part-time Jobs for FSG International Students

FSG introduces part-time jobs to support your life, balancing study and work.
Many types of part-time jobs are offered, such as manufacturing in a factory and servicing in a restaurant.

Wage is 850 - 1,150 yen per hour.
Income reaches 90,000 – 120,000 yen per month.

You can work longer during the spring, summer and winter vacation and save money for school and living expenses. Jobs can be selected depending on your Japanese level.
* In Japan, international students are allowed to work up to 28 hours a week (up to 8 hours a day during a long vacation).

NoticeWith the introduction of the Social Security and Tax Number System (the My Number System) in Japan in October 2015, the personal identification number is to be given to each of international students as well. Total of your working hours and income is identified and reported using this number. FSG aligns with the students’ employers such that the students can be engaged in their jobs within the time frame allowed by law. We also provide a financial plan designed for the individual student in order to support the students’ life on the financial front.

●Samples of Part-time Jobs

Restaurants, Japanese pubs, logistics/cleaning, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels and etc.

We will introduce part-time jobs which you can work safely!

●We introduce a part-time job on request.

●Language level is not critical.

There are various benefits from part-time jobs as well.

◎Transportation service

You can feel safe because we have transportation service from school to a working place and from your working place to your home by car.

◎Meal service

If you work part-time at a restaurant, meals may be offered.

◎You can make friends.

You will befriend with Japanese colleagues and you can make friends outside school!

You can feel safe because the school firmly supports you!

School Life

●Homeroom Teachers

Your homeroom teacher is always ready to offer assistance to each one of you from learning to school life.

●Classes by Professional Lecturers

Our educational environment is supported by excellent lecturersrepresenting diversity of careers with the latest knowledge and technologies.

●Enhanced Japanese Learning

We conduct "Japanese continuation classes" and "Business Japanese classes."

●Free WIFI service in school

You can use Free WIFI within all FSG school buildings and the grounds.
You can also use free Internet communication while you are at school.

●FSG International Center

Plays a leading role in overall international activities of FSG, serving as a contact with demonstration schools abroad, and provides consultation for international students to support their admission and campus life. In addition, explains procedures related to resident status including visa obtainment, extension and renewal, how to apply for scholarship, how to earn a credit, ensuring the students can focus on their studies free from anxiety.

We are ready to provide consultation for you from learning issues to difficulties in daily life.

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