What is Fukushima Like?

Where FSG is located?

FSG is at Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture - an industrial city with a number of educational institutions. Ideal environment for living and education.

1 hour from Tokyo

Rich nature with seasonal changes

Tourism spots to experience the local history and traditional culture

Koriyama City is the second largest city in Tohoku area, a city with cutting-edge technologies

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AO入試 9月18日(火)より受付開始 小・中・高等学校教職員の皆様へ 文部科学省「高等教育無償化制度」のご案内 FSGカレッジリーグ 高等教育修学支援制度 保護者説明会のご案内 FSGで学べる職業 学生寮のご案内