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What is FSG College League?

One of the largest specialized college groups in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture. I n addition t o the proven a chievements and fulfilling environment, FSG supports individual students with its unique support programs for various certificates and job hunting.

Established 1984
Number of current students 2,210 (as of April 2014)
Number of graduates 12,994 (as of March 2014)
Number of courses/programs Five schools, 57 courses (as of April 2014)
photo of FSG

FSG College League Offerings

A wide range of education offered by one of the largest educational institutions in Japan.

  • A campus housing five schools
  • Selectable from 57 courses!
  • Just 150m from JR Koriyama St.

Support from top Japanese companies

Special support for international students
  • Fukushima scholarship program Full tuition covered!
  • FSG original scholarship program Admission screening fee covered!
  • Other scholarship programs
Human resource development curriculum available through cooperation with companies.

Cutting-edge education in Fukushima Now!

0000000 Through its redevelopment, Fukushima is reborn as an area where wo rld-class hu man resources and c utting-edge technologies gather. FSG develops human resources that take important roles in Fukushima, Japan, and the world.




〒963-8811 福島県郡山市方八町2丁目4番19号 2F
TEL.024-954-5515 FAX.024-954-5536

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