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JO-BI International Tourism Course

Three-Year Course / 20 Students

This course is designed to develop human resources who have cap ability to communicate Japanese tourism from viewpoints of international s tudents.


Students who have completed a regular 12-year school curriculum , or who will complete the curriculum, and satisfy the following prerequisites:

  1. Japanese language study for six months or more at Japanese language institution in Japan
  2. Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2
  3. Total score of 200 or more in Japanese language (reading, listening, and reading/listening) on Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
  4. Score of 400 or more in BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test
Future Careers
Travel agent staff, tour conductor, interpreter-guide etc.…
Career Fields
Travel agents, airports, hotels, etc.…
Certificates Available
Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1/N2, domestic travel service supervisor, Microsoft Excel,Word certificates etc...


Learn broad tourism
in Japan

Field practices in Aizu and Oze in 2014 and 2015

Acquire promotional
presentation skills

Students practice presentation again and again for better achievement.

Student's Voice

Japan is full of tourism resources. Join us at JO-BI and study Japanese tourism!

JO-BI International Travel Business Course DOAN THANH TUAN [from Vietnam]Entering in April, 2015


Learning Curriculums in Three Years


We adopt five-day school week. Two days of them have morning-only classes so that the students can work while attending school.


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※Timetable is a schedule and subject to change.


Special tuition plan for international students to minimize financial concerns!

Initial Fee(Total) 792,000 JPY


Fees (for three years) Approx. 2,376,000 JPY

All international students can have notebook PCs, required at enrollment, for free during the course period!




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