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Rich support to help your dreams come true!

FSG College League aims at a campus with happy students.
FSG provides wide support for international students to have safe and rich environment, including the campus life, money, and living.

SUPPORT 01 Part-Time Job Support

FSG introduces a variety of part-time jobs for students, including manufacturing at factories and services at restaurants and so on.


Food industry (boxed lunch), delivery service, building cleaning service, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, family restaurants and so on.

SUPPORT 02 Job Hunting Support

FSG provides wide support to help students to find positions in Japanese companies and overseas subsidiaries.

  • ●Dual support by the class instructor and dedicated job-hunt support staff
  • ●Job hunting guide in Japan and overseas (resume development and interview trainings, etc.)
  • ●Corporate training through internship programs
  • ●Job information for international students

SUPPORT 03 Municipal Support

Fukushima Prefecture and Koriyama City, where FSG locates, provides rich student support.

Fukushima Prefecture

  • ●Free Pass for cultural facilities in Fukushima

Koriyama City

All international students
①Housing Expense support:

5,000 JPY/month for students paying more than 5,000 JPY/month. ※As of 2015

②National Health Insurance enrollment support:

1/2 of National Health Insurance fee provided

③Citizen Transpiration Disaster Welfare enrollment support:

Transportation Disaster Welfare fee (500 JPY/year) provided.

SUPPORT 04 Rent support

FSG provides housing information with a wide range of rent, from studios to share houses.

Rent in Koriyama is less expensive than that in Tokyo in general.

Renting an apartment in Japan requires a co-signer. FSG College League schools, members of the International Student Housing Guarantee Program, can serve as a co-signer.

SUPPORT 05 Campus Life Support

●Class Teachers

The class teachers supports his/her class students. Detailed support for each student from course study to campus life.

●Professional Instructors

Latest educational environment with professional instructors from the front-lines in various industries.

●Japanese Language Learning Support

"Japanese Supplementary" classes and "Business Japanese" classes are offered.

●FSG International Center

Center of entire FSG College League's international activities, serving as a contact point for affiliated schools, information center for international students, and campus life support provider. FSG International Center also provides various guidance for visa application, scholarship application, course studies and so on.

From your study to everyday life, we are here for you!! Yuichiro Takazawa, Staff of FSG International Center




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